Feedback on my sightly new game! Write Right

So I made this GUI hangout comedy game called Write Right and I would appreciate some feedback of it!

Description: 2+ players. Create stories with your friends! Each of you will start a story with just a few words, then it will pass to the next person to continue the story, but they are just able to see the previous line of it! Then you’ll read and vote all the stories you wrote, theres going to be some really funny ones! The player who started the story with the most votes will win!

The link is here if you would like to check it out!

Also, I recently moved it to a group (Because I didnt have it in a group and I created it on my account)


This game is interesting and well made, and it definitely has a very unique name! I tried it out and had a fun time! Also, the tutorial is good and it explains everything you need to know.
However, I don’t think you have text filtering in your game (I might be wrong, but I just didn’t see it anywhere), which you should definitely add (check out this page for more info).

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Yeah it is already added! Thanks for your opinion and for playing :slight_smile: