Feedback on my Simulator Map

Hello! I just finished making a simulator map! How can I improve?


Here’s a screenshot for the people who are too lazy to actually play the game:

The map looks really well made! It’s not cluttered and it’s not too empty. The style of the map looks really nice and professionally made. Honestly it’s perfect :))


Thank you for the screenshot and the feedback!

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It’s awesome, I love it, but a bit more of decoration wouldn’t be bad though!


Looking VERY good, but in the centre, it just looks weird to have these random mounds of rock and grass.

But I can vibe with that dance the person does next to the “TOP COINS” leaderboard.

Just look at the guy, vibin’. Apart from that, it actually looks like what I would see in a simulator. Map actually kind of reminds me of Ninja Legends, just higher quality in my opinion. 10/10, pretty much perfect. :wink: