Feedback on my simulator's appearance

I’m preparing my simulator for public release soon, and I wanted to get some finalized opinions on my UI design & overall game’s map.

I put multiple months of effort into this game alongside my other developer who managed graphics and map design. It took a long time because of the mental draining school has caused me but now we’re doing really well and hoping the game doesn’t faceplant.

One of the goals I’m trying to achieve is making a simulator that doesn’t have 15,000 buttons that are pay to win, but an honest simulator that you can just play and upgrade if needed.


Shop UI:

i want to polish this one but don’t know how lol pls help

Pet unlock menu:

Basic settings: (more coming later)


What do you guys think of the appearance of this? Any things you would want changed or things to add? I’ll include a link to the game tonight when it’s available to play.


I think it looks really good very simple and clean. Great work! One think I do want to mention to make your ui more consistent try to pick whether your going to use just the close text or just the x on the top right for all guis.

Well, that is pretty good but i think you forgot to put shade on the “Yes” Button

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Its simple, clean, cartoony, and perfect for the theme of your game.

Great job.

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