Feedback on my small building

Hello! I have just completed my first, building. It’s not the best, I know. But, I would like some feedback, no matter how harsh it is on how I can improve my building skills. It’s supposed to be a small, but dark home store. Thank you for reading!

Here are the screenshots:


The furniture and models you’ve made look pretty nice! However the interior looks kind of empty, maybe add more mannequins or other furniture. Plants are also an option if you’re up for it. Also, it looks like the table has collapsed, try anchoring some of the parts if that is the case. I’d also move the spawn in front of the doors and extend the wooden floor to make sure it’s underneath the door frames. But yeah, it’s really good for your first build :0!!!


If you like the dark of it you could really do some nice things with that and it would have a certain vibe. I think the neon isn’t needed so much as maybe some lights spotlighting your clothes. Maybe add some windows to the front and place some clothing there to showcase your favorite outfits. For your very first build it looks good.


can you provide a link to the game so I can see it in more detail

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mmm I think it needs a little more work in the building part and it looks a bit empty

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It looks okay, the build is a bit too gray. I recommend having windows on the build as well as not using the gray brick texture for everything. The inside looks very empty, it needs more decoration to fill the emptiness up. Also, I recommend anchoring the desk so the parts on the side don’t fall off. 6.5/10

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in fact if you like I can help you :grinning: :+1: :grin:

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