Feedback on my Small Showcase

Hi I made this little showcase to practice on my building skills and what wondering what you think of it


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Decided to rewrite my entire feedback. I like the structure of the buildings they looks decent the materials and colors placed add a nice addition to the place i’m assuming this is still in development however this reminds me of a eerie forest showcase something similar however you accomplished a well design scene.

Overall, I like the spooky feel your trying to achieve if your going for an eerie type of feel consider placing around with the lighting settings, try changing the ambient to a darker color to achieve that type of theme or style, however regarding the building itself, I feel like you should decrease the door height try making it match with the character size maybe a few objects on the building itself such as outdoor lighting connected by the door maybe a few things like an electric box connected to the house could work.

Also, a nice addition would be to add vegetation, maybe add some dirt paths and bushes. Perhaps add some dead trees to this landscape, dead grass, or something that matches with the environment. Consider making each of the tree varieties in sizes, instead of making them repetitive add variations in the trees.

Overall best of luck on finishing your showcase would be interested in the final result.


Absolutely amazing stuff! I’m really liking the atmosphere/fog effect you’ve got there. Superb work!


I like the atmosphere/fog. Showcase Creator To Showcase Creator

  • You Should Use DOF(Depth Of Field)

  • Add Some Trees To The Grassy Areas

  • Flicker With The Lighting A Little

Good Work.

  • Hope This Helped!
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Great build. The way the houses are placed and crafted show the attention making it look like reality, and looks like you have a ton of potential to accomplish more. The logs by the second house aren’t touching though, and this is the one detail that I have an issue with

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I do not like your showcase. The logs are too smooth, the trees are too green, and the houses are copy and paste and have mistakes. 4/10 because lighting.

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Well thanks for being honest and i am still trying to improve on my builds and i am still a begginer trying to improve on my Building skills and yes the Houses are Copy and paste because i did not have a lot of time left and i based it on this Google earth Link and yes thank you for being honest

P.s i also forgot to do some other details because again i did not have a lot of time and some stuff i did not know how to do it sadly and also do you know a solution to make the logs not as smooth anything will help,+Cabo+de+Hornos,+Chile/@-54.93623506,-67.60667965,23.20127487a,0d,60y,237.39937918h,86.92323533t,0r/data=CpEBGmcSYQolMHhiYzRlYWM2YjZjOTk2NmJiOjB4Y2NkZDVmZTM2OTljODk4MhkI82j0tHdLwCFH6phOxuZQwComUHVlcnRvIFdpbGxpYW1zLCBDYWJvIGRlIEhvcm5vcywgQ2hpbGUYASABIiYKJAn5fjX4_TpIwBE0Ca756ztIwBnmv_z2JyNSwCEeEmLF2SNSwCIaChZ1M04zS0dhLTZ6UV8xZFpGSHhsbUdREAI

There is room for improvement

Building issues

1.Each of the fence posts have parts which aren’t aligned properly
the intersecting pieces render over each other due to poor positioning overlap.
If you shake your camera, the bricks render over one another

2.There is grass growing through the wood??

3 poor alignment of bent parts
use the Archimedes plugin to properly line up bent parts

Design flaws
1.All the doors are absurdly tall, they are at least 2X the height of a player
2.The windows are also too tall for a player to look through, why are they all above head height?
3.All of the houses are virtually the same, you need more variety

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This showcase seems really good. I like the fact that you added those finest parts of detail, ranging from the corrugated iron shape of the roof to the chimney smoke.

Future ideas:
Can you possibly adjust the smoke colour to be slightly less dark. I’m not sure if this game is meant to be positive or not, but a little brightness could be nicer.
Consider adding interiors to the houses?

I’d like to see some of the other suggestions in your game as well!

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I could agree with some parts of your feedback, but I believe some things should be left the same.
Let’s start with Design Flaws:

  1. “All the doors are absurdly tall, they are at least 2X the height of a player”, even if you are right, it could give the look of a real door, it could have the width of the player but at least 0.5x the height of the player. Why do you think that in real life the doors are sometimes bigger than the average height? Why do you think the max height of another floor is about 7 feet tall? Well, even if these questions can’t really be answered by me, there’s a reason why they are there, so it’s not that bad leaving the doors like so.

I think that’s the only one out of the way.

Building issues

  1. “poor alignment of bent parts use the Archimedes plugin to properly line up bent parts”
    Though this could be useful to make it look very nice and neatly bent, it’s not that important, since people won’t really find such errors, but it best for you to align them so that you don’t have to worry about seeing these errors.

My own feedback:

Everything looks perfect, I’d like for you to add more house variations, find soeme weird errors, and also try to delete useless and non necessary parts.

Try to change the texture’s size for the fences, or you could also change the UVplace (I think it’s called), so that the wood don’t look exactly the same:

In total, everything looks amazing! keep it up! :smiley:

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