Feedback on my Social Media profile UI

Hey! I’m currently making a social media game in roblox similar to TikTok. I’m not very good at designing UI and I need your feedback on the UI for profiles.

How can I improve my UI? What should I change?



Any help is appreciated!

too much squary make it a bit smooth by adding ui corners and overall it looks good

Why is the name baseparts and up it says basefarts?

why are you asking me? i think it may be as easter egg? or maybe the topic creator farted when writing it

It was meant to be reply to @baseparts

No, that’s supposed to be the nickname and I put mine as basefarts


you can add detail on backgroune

You should add background pattern.

I personally think the arrow on the top left is a bit too long? I cant explain it properly, but it feels off. Also, the “0 Plays” is a bit too close to the edge. Besides that, it feels pretty empty. You could add a background pattern, and maybe reduce the emptiness near the “0 Followers 0 Likes” place. but in general, it’s nice. Good job buddy :happy3: