Feedback on my social media UI

Hey there, this is some UI I have made on Adobe XD, it took 2 hours, please give me as much feedback as possible, as it helps me improve! :smiley:

Edit My spacing is terrible, forgive me.


WOW! This gui is one of the best I’v ever seen!
Good work :+1:t2:


That looks really nice, simple and clean. Why the heck is there so much shreks tho? They probably had beef with what are you doing in my swamp! Good job :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is really good. Is it for a game, or is it a gear to check and message with your friens in-game?

Practice tbh, I like to make UI every few days to improve my skill.

Lol, I didnt really have the energy to upload images for different PFP’s and mask them etc, so I used the same user lol

I like it! It reminds me of a GTA type phone in Roblox; aha.

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