Feedback on my Spawn Selector UI

Hey all, so I recently made this UI:

Previous Versions

For the game that I’m working on currently.

All I’m asking for is some feedback as I would like to know what I can change.


Hey there!

I like your spawning UI but I think you could add the following:

  • Add photos of the actually spawning locations to the player has a better idea and it adds realism.
  • Maybe have the game Icon as the background of the UI but low transparency that would look very cool.

Thank you for the feedback. I will try and do that, although most of the map is not done.

How is this?

I tried to take as much from your post as possible.

That looks much better compared to the old one, I love the background and the image you added.

It looks very solid, I absolutely love the font. Although, the background could be replaced.

The background on what image exactly? The older one or the newer one?

The background on the new one looks a bit bland, that’s just me.

Ah don’t worry, as its of part of the map that is undergoing major renovation. and also it will change to show which area you have selected. Where you can also see all the action.

Here’s the other backgrounds

Outlaws City

The Desert

The Great Plains