Feedback on my speedrunning game?

Just looking for some general feedback to a speedrunning game i’ve been working on for a while now.

It’s getting closer and closer to release so I want to know what I should change/add before releasing it officially

Game link:!/about
NOTE BEFORE PLAYING: To force a game to start, simply chat “!play”, or say “map:[number]” with a number between 1 and 6;

example: saying “map:6” will load the newest map, where saying “map:1” will load the first map

gameplay gifs:

also this gif: (gif itself is too laggy but link should be smooth)


Can’t play the game. Some troll keeps spamming !play and loading new maps.

should be fixed now. adding a votekick and auto disqualifier soon to help with trolls

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I think this game has huge potential in terms of parkour and smooth working around obstacles. It will be a bit laggy I would say for lower end computers, but otherwise the physics are nice. You can probably add more character customizations later on and so forth, as well as maps.

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The run animation is a bit stiff in my opinion, but other than that it’s great! Movement feels nice overall.

yea i was gonna re-do the run animation because its a few years old and just reused from wind & water 1

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thank you! i was working on a new map before releasing it, and also starting on character customizations. Personally I find that the game runs pretty well no matter what device ive tried, except for the low low ends, in which case I might do something to kick down the detail level a bit extra to boost some performance