Feedback on my spleef game

It’s basically spleef with abilities. There are only three as of right now, but I want to add more later. I’m using placeholder animations, effects, etc (I intend to switch to r15 for better animations). It’s worth keeping in mind that everything is very unpolished rn.

Ignore the big ugly cosmetic menu, it’s what I’m working on right now so it’s visible on startup.

the game is set as private

i can’t play it :(((

Converting to R15, kinda unplayable as of now.

oh you should at least provide some screenshots of the game then

I’m trying to get live anims working, so nothing is (well) animated rn and much of the showy stuff is broken.

oh when do you think it will be fixed

I’ll let you know, I’m having issues with pointing an r15 rig’s arm toward the mouse rn.