Feedback on my starting obby

Hey I started working on obbys today to try expanding the things I could do for commission but looking over my obby, something didn’t feel right. I tried mixing and matching some colors but nothing seems to work. If anybody is experienced in obbys, some feedback would be appreciated.


Please give a link or pictures.


Oh damn Im so dumb, my bad , I added the pics.

what is the obby’s main theme? Try starting with colors to pick and what to build from that.

Im going for a radio-active/contamination Obby

it might be a good idea to have it be like a laboratory for your obby, so have some beakers, green/blue serums spilled everywhere, maybe some measuring tools, etc. And have that be some models in your game.

Oh good idea, thanks for the suggestion

np, also instead of couches, how about some chairs, maybe with wheels on the bottom to jump on.

I’d recommend lowering the lighting on the toxic waste, or add texture to it. It’ll look a lot better that way in my opinion, you should also decorate the room and walls, as far as I can see mostly everything in that room is a grey or white shade.

I see what your going for here but I feel like you messed up a little. I would suggest removing all of the obstacles if your going for the radio active theme. Instead of the couches, make test tubes :test_tube:, half way filled with the green goop and stretch them out so they are around as long and thick as the couches. Graduated cylinders would be a perfect addition as well!

Instead of the weird “stools” I’m guessing, I would make them into small pipets that stand up vertically so it’s a bit harder to jump on.

I would also add radio active symbols on the walls along with some ooz dripping down from it. Add telescopes! Make it feel more like a test laboratory that’s had failed chemical experiments all over. Have it be more free, more abandoned!

Hope this all helps!

Zero of it is free modeled. I focus on realism so bending the rule of proportion kinda skipped my mind when making this. Also shorten your titles, like intern.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try to bend the rules a bit and focus more on the theme :smiley:

Does it have a pre detirmend theme? If not I would definitely suggest create a theme or plotline before hand. It really just makes the whole obby easier to make, and more fun to play :wink:

If you’re going for a contaminated and toxic-waste obby, i suggest you do this to certainly improve the general looks of your game.

1. Make sure you delete the decal on the Spawn Location by clicking on the top 2 times and pressing delete or Backspace, then redo the transparency on the Spawn from 0 to 1.

2. The lime green on the Toxic? is way too bright. To lower it try setting the material to Smoothplastic, make the transparency 0.001. Then duplicate it, (I recommend you rename the duplicated part)

After you’ve done that. Set the material to neon and transparency to 0.5 - 0.8
Keep in mind the lower the transparency on the neon the brighter it will get.

3. I also would suggest to remake the walls, and add brick outlines, mess around with the style of the walls until you find your desired style.

Hope this helps, good luck!

He didn’t say you were lying. He said that none of it is free models and that you are wrong, not lying.

As for the question in the OP, I feel like you need to add something to those walls because currently they are really dull and plain.

You should try putting metal frames on the walls, with X shapes between them, it will make the walls look less bland and make the obby feel more industrial of sort.

Apart from that, the room looks good, but I would suggest making the toxic material glow a bit less :smiley:

The neon green floor is too bright, have you tried red, like a lava - the green&white colour scheme doesn’t work - also as the others have said, add some detail on the walls.

You need to check out some colour theory.

I’d recommend starting with colour harmony.

It looks like a good start. However, I suggest making the spawns lightly more “natural”. It sticks out. Is that acid? You could add more than one way of reaching the next spawn. Also, what room is this meant to be? Imagine a normal room, then acid randomly floods in. What would it look like? Make it look like that imagine in your head.

I saw that you were going for radioactive/toxic environment. I suggest making the theme/design of the game more dark, with metal walls. Lighting can change the games appearance drastically.

I suggest adding different obstacles such as toxic waste barrels, or broken laboratory items.

Your choice of material is also as important as lighting. Change up your materials, or even texture it differently to get more of a vibe. Good Luck!