Feedback on my Story Obby!

So I made this story obby a while back and I’m looking for feedback which I can use to make the game better! I made this game a while back so this is not my recent skill I just want to keep improving the player experience. I wish for all kinds of feedback and I hope you enjoy my story obby! Become A Spy Obby

Looking foward to your feedback! :smiley:

Edit: just want to let ya know that I used a few free models in the game because I was not experienced then still not that experienced right now but I’m a whole lot better.


Try to add pictures to your OP and since you’re more experienced replace the free models.

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What’s the OP? Need more characters…

here’s my feedback,

// in general
my issue, is the really of the theme. just as you spawn in, you’ll see some parts that are out-of-theme, like the sign for example on the spawnpoint.
1 ← this is basically what i’m talking about, it’s out-of-theme.
if you look at these lights, these are also out-of-theme aswell.

^^ sure, if it was in a wooden theme this really wouldn’t matter, but it isn’t, and it really breaks the theme a little here.

in general, just stick with your theme, never break the theme you’re wanting, or it may not look that good.

//some other issues
i think you really had some building mistakes, like these 2 for example:

and i get that you have improvements, but i’m still going to point these out if you forget about these.

next issue
i think really another issue was that you never got consistent with your spacings, and i’m guilty of that aswell, haha.
here’s one where the lava jumps weren’t consistently spaced:

well, that’s what i can do for reviewing your game, hope it helps. xP


This has helped a lot can u tell me where the 4th picture was? I will also fix the lights delete the sign fix my builds and make the lava jumps more consistent

it’s in the same spot as the 3rd picture.

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Can you tell me anything that you really liked?

i think really even though the theme was broken a few times, i think it kept it’s theme decently, the NPC(s) that you use is quite nice to guide players to where they are going, the design at some parts is quite nice, like the lighting (that is out-of-theme) if it isn’t free-modeled.

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One big thing that could use some improvements is the shop GUI. It’s got an odd assortment of colours and is confusing to read. Aside from that and the things that others have already pointed out, it’s a fairly solid obby, but it could definitely use some visual improvements.


i absolutely forgot to clear that up (waaaaa), so also do not forget about the GUI design, it does not look really well and it seems a little unorganized and it has the feeling where you open it, you’ll get a SPLASH of colors that isn’t fitting to the theme.


An OP is the original post. Also don’t try to bypass the character limit…

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Make levels with snipers maybe actual ais with raycasts. That would really add to the game. Also work on the lighting and level design. The levels can range from really good to absolute garbage. The npc is also kind of annoying maybe make it follow the player or something. Maybe you could even add some gunfight levels.