Feedback on my studio made thumbnails

Hello! I recently made 3 very cool looking icons for my game, Vestiges of Phlanange, and i’d like to share with everyone.

I will show how it looks as an icon and the image itself.







Pick the one you think looks the best!

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Number ones my favorite, just the lighting and the way it’s presented.

Third ones the best and I would recommend you making it a blender render and probably removing the text.

Well i currently have no blender knowledge, related to gfx, therefore im limited to studio.

Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it

All three are so dark that it’s almost impossible to figure out what is displayed in them. First is best, but in an icon version lack of contrast is still an issue.

Blender is quite easy you can easily learn how to make gfx ngl.

Yes but I’d have to rig the morph, color it properly, etc. I’m already a handy many for my game, i sadly can’t spend that much time for a gfx.

Ehhh, you dont really have to rig, color it. Just take the scene you already took a photo off. Bring it in blender, set up the lights, camera and then action.

#1 is awesome (number three is nice but could use some contrast)

I see, ill make sure to improve it. Thank you for the feedback.