Feedback on my terrain game

Hi! I tried to build a semi-realistic terrain game in roblox studio. Please note that this is my first time (idk why I wrote 2nd time but ok xD) creating such realistic terrain and feel free to criticize. Here is the link → Realistic Terrain - Roblox.

Please send a few pics and description first, or else I really don’t know what it’s about or why playing it. Thanks


wait, did you hand make this terrain? it looks amazing

I played and the terrain is good I just wondered you you made it because of how much detail there is.

Hello, so I made a recording for all of you that view this topic if you dont wanna play the game this is what the terrain is.

It was a terrible job of putting it together. (I made these meshes btw and I have proof)

Video of Gameplay:
robloxapp-20220502-2008535.wmv (3.3 MB)

Video of how it is supposed to be done and put together

No, sorry I havent made the terrain.

Ahh ok, well watch my video that I linked into the thread please.

Sure, I watched the video. I will fix the gaps, thanks. But although your clip was really laggy.

How was it laggy? the video is finished processing. Im talking about the one where I am talking.

re watch the vid im pretty sure it isnt laggy

The wmv or the youtube video? I did see the youtube video which isnt laggy. But the wmv is laggy.

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i thought you were quitting roblox until they reversed the audio update?


I just came back, I made a video on my channel of that (to all the liberals out there no I am not promoting my channel.)

What’s your channel name? I will subscribe, :blush::+1:

go to my roblox profile on the Roblox Website it should be linked there I am asking for that specifically just so I dont invade the comment thread with self promotion.

actually, it is on the reply I made, you can check out the channel through the video. (sorry for the late response.)

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