Feedback on my terrain

I don’t really know much about terrain. But I tried to make a after-rain hill/valley terrain. I’m planning to add some bushes and rocks (probably low poly) too. Do you have any suggestions for me to improve myself and my terrain? It will be awsome if you share it with me.

Pictures of the terrain.

Here’s the game link if you want to have a closer look: Terrain - Roblox


kool, try adjust the lighting little bit and u good to go + the water too

and also try to add different tree and different scale

hope this help u and goodluck :wink:

Thank you for your suggestion! Trees already have different scales but you are right on saying that I should use different trees. I added some water for the last photo, first 3 photos are before that update.

I will try to improve it considering your suggestions. Have a good day!

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It looks outstanding! However, I would paint more patches of rock throughout the mountains and make the mountains vary in size more. You should also make a few taller because right now it looks like hills. If you are trying to be accurate to nature, you also want your mountains to be more jagged and be made almost completely of rock. Also, there are way more trees on a mountain then that. And I wouldn’t add to many other kinds of trees because mountains are almost 100% pines. What makes mountains look green is trees. In many spots you can barely see the sky. Examples(photos by me):

As you can see the mountains are rock with green trees covering them, however some slopes have very few trees.

Also: Your lighting and atmosphere is 100% correct for after a rain.

Overall well done!

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Thank you! I will consider your suggestions to improve it.

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I love everything the only thing I would consider changing is the lighting.

Can you please give more information about what should I change to improve the lightning?

Try changing the skybox to something that rainny + don’t add to much effect or make the effect at max that all

This is after rain. Not raining right now. I think you didn’t understood the concept well.

aaaaa i see, can you give me more detail for you concept? so I can help you little bit with the lighting

It’s a forest with hills that had some rainy weather a while ago. That’s the concept.

I suggest try make the ambient lighting around 95,95,95

after that try use this HDRI and convert it using this

After that try to play around with the sunray because this

is hurt my eyes little bit lol

I hope this is gonna help you little bit with the lighting, if you need more help you can dm me on discord (G00GLE#3280) :wink:

Thank you for your suggestions. I will make some updates considering your suggestions.

So I think that the sunrays look neat what I would play around with is color correction and saturation to get a grey monotone sort of feel