Feedback On My Third Ever GFX

Hey everyone, so I recently just made my third GFX ever!!!

I would like you guys to give me some feedback maybe some tips and tricks to improve my GFX. You can criticize it and format your feedback in your own ways.

Thank you for viewing my topic, everyone! Have a great day :slight_smile:

Also if you guys could please include some videos or pictures so it helps me visualize, thank you :happy3:


Good job, shadows are placed well and the gfx has a cool vibe to it. Keep it up! :smile:


Thank you so much for your feedback :smiley:

Looks very good. Wish i could do GFX lol.


It looks good, but how about giving some effects into it? like a helicopter in the bacgkround or a city and maybe the animations could be a little bit better but It looks great! I hope you will have a great future in GFX making.


Thx, dont worry I am sure one day you will be able to make gfx :happy3:

Thanks for your feedback I will add some effects and post my second version of the gfx and after you guys can tell me if its better. :slight_smile:


The shadows and avatars are good. The map feels a bit empty and the radio on the persons hand on the left looks missed placed. Overall its VERY good for someones 3rd ever gfx.


Thx for your feedback I will fix the radio in the upgraded gfx I am gonna make :happy3:


Woah that’s pretty cool! i like it!

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Thx dude, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Very nice! I like the poses and positions that the characters are in!

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I really appreciate the feedback. :happy3:

The shoulders on the main character are a little unrealistic, but it also looks nice in some way. Small particles could also do well in this. Finally, the only colors in here really are grays, whites, and a blue. Other than that, great job!

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I will try my best to add some effects learning new stuff, right now I am thinking of going for photoshop and a bit of Blender for the effects. :slight_smile:

The design looks good to me, if the scene is more of a “capturing the bad guy” something similar to that you could always find or drop more characters or a decent background that matches the theme your going for the lighting is nice but it depends on what your going for using inspiration from others work is a good way to gather small ideas to implement to your scene.

If you take a look at “zombie rush” as example you’ll see it features the gameplay in the thumbnail where a group of people shoot try to kill all the zombies.

There’s different approaches you could go about this include character’s helping him escape. Try experimenting or messing around with including characters or more FBI surrounding the character the shadows look good, but I think if you added more characters to the scene with the amount of space around the area it should look more natural in a kind of way.

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alr I will try my best to include every feedback into my new upgraded GFX. :slight_smile:

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