Feedback on my third person gun system

Hi all, been working on this gun system for a few days, has been an entertaining challenge.

Just looking for some feedback on it - I myself think the recoil may be a little too high/aggressive, and that the player looking at the mouse looks a little off, but what do you think?

I know the animations are a bit wonky haha, still need to get an actual animator in to do that.


Only thing I think should be changed is the animations and bullet speed. Have the animations look a bit “cleaner” so to say, and the bullets should be 2-3 times faster, otherwise people could dodge them.

You should also make the UI larger and have a crosshair in the center of the screen so you can somewhat fire accurately.

Seems like a good system.

You could make a great third person paintballing game out of that. Add some bullet drop (if it isn’t there already) and you have yourself a solid system going.

I think what you have so far is great! I think you could experiment with how far away or how high above the player the camera is. I think it’s a bit too close in my opinion, but as for recoil, I really like it! To me it makes the guns feel really powerful, and could even be made more extreme for stronger weapons.

As with what everyone else is saying, you could for sure make the firing speed faster and UI larger or with more creative art. I think you could even go as far as adding an adaptive crosshair that grows and shrinks with recoil.

Overall really solid system, really awesome stuff.

Oh yeah, completely forgot about the crosshair haha

About the tracer/bullet speed, definitely going to have to speed the bullets up - just been hesitant to do it since I thought that from a close distance or whatever, they wouldn’t even be noticeable and would have become a useless effect

Huh, good idea, I might experiment with that

Yeah, UI for sure has to be redone, just made it as a temporary thing

The adaptive crosshair is a neat idea, for sure going to work on that

Thank you all for your responses!

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Holy! Thats amazing! If you can, you could add a menu and stuff. But seriously thats impressive