Feedback on my third UI

I am making an UI for my new cafe. This will be my third interface I’ve made.

Test out the interface here: - Not fully supported on mobile( lots of bugs! )

Make sure to check out Elegant Mode inside the Ui, stand still and don’t click anything for 15s and the Ui will activate elegant mode if enabled in settings (by default this is enabled).
Move or click to deactivate.


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Thank you.

:+1: For the last few days I’ve been posting in scripting support so I automatically went for that, thanks!

it actually looks pretty good, but I’m probably not in the place to say this cuz I’ve never made ui

This looks amazing! Just a few things to add to it:

Background Pattern

Something like a background pattern on the black parts of the UI could be a pretty nice detailed aspect. If you don’t understand what I mean, I’ll give a few pictures below.

Example Reference



Most UI Designers that use Roblox Studio to make their UI don’t know how to make icons. Mostly because you cant make detailed icons on Roblox Studio.

There is a website out there that offers a free and amazing variety of icons with different themes. I suggest you go there if you need any icons!


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Thanks, I’ll make sure to check this out!

Thanks for your feedback! :+1:

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Pretty decent i’d say, can’t find any remarks.

Thanks! If you have any suggestions let me know!