Feedback on my Thumbnail Practice

Hello everyone
A day ago i just made a practice thumbnail, in my opinion i dont think its very good
and of course you could give me any critiques that you see here.

here is a high quality version


Hello there once again @FlaxLol.

This Thumbnail definitely looks wonderful, the lighting, the characters & the background.

Everything looks so fitting and really well made, i can’t see any issues even the color palette is matching the theme. Carry on!


It looks so good! I assume you lowered the focal length of the camera and that’s why it looks stretched? Overall, the lighting it fantastic and it’s a very good render! :+1:


This thumbnail looks great!
I love the lighting; it looks very natural.
However, one thing I noticed is the posing. The posing is great, but it’s very repetitive between your 3 subjects; giving them each a different and unique pose would help instead of having them in the same pose throughout the image.


Your thumbnail looks amazing! One thing I would like to point out is that the ground seems to be a bit reflective, unless that is your intention then everything else is perfect!
Also, I highly suggest adding watermarks in case someone steals it and claims the thumbnail is theirs.


thank you alot i appreciate it!

Wow this is really good, great work

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yes i did lower it since i wanted some depth to the thumbnail and yeah thanks!

thanks also yes i did put a watermark i think

thanks and yeah i know but i didnt really know what other pose to give them

thanks for the compliment i appreciate it!

I don’t know if I can ask this tell me if I can’t and I will remove it

What website or apps do you use.

it doesnt really matter but its blender and photoshop

Really good! It’s up to my standards, I have no critical thing to say, lol.