Feedback on my two latest GFXs

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It’s my first post on DevForum so bare with me. I would appreciate some feedback and suggestions on my two latest thumbnails I have made and need more opinions to expand my work.


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-Your Thumbnail Is very amazing the light is good


Both of the renders are good, but the first GFX in my opinion needs more “happening” like the second GFX. Pose some of the characters dynamically rather than having them in the default position, or more fittingly add some Squid Game participants in the render.


Can You Make Me A Thumbnail My Game Is Called “Blue Obby”

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Thank you for the feedback! Although I think it may look weird if I added the participants randomly in the first thumbnail, but I’ll definitely take in mind of the poses and dynamics for future GFXs.

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really like the lighting, overall a really good GFX.


for the first one, its too clear to see the smoke is an overlay. the people have no posing at all, the shapes on their masks look added on and fake, the guards look like rigid statues, the floor is literally flat and so are the bricks, you can see that the floor and walls repeat, and you can see weird grid on it.
rating: 70/100

second one: you can see the top of the leg, which you should never see. the person looks editeed on and not in the right place. the blur is too intensive and the person is literally shining like plastic in some parts, and the joints bending look weird in places. the foreground looks fake compared to the character also. its just like a character edited in. no extra lighting, touch ups, or anything. and something is wrong with the hair and beanie together.
rating: 75/100

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I’m not really good at giving advice and tips but these 2 are soo BEAUTIFULLY DONE! the only thing I see that’s kind of wrong are,

The squid game guards looks bland too look at cause of the poses mabye add a little bend in the arms and move the legs a bit but over all IT’S AWESOME!

The girl on the dandelion’s leg are not connected properly to the torso but the render on it is so GOOD!

that’s all keep up the great work! :cool:


the people have no posing at all

The reference image I was using showed that they were straight as soldiers. I don’t know exactly what I would do to pose them. I preferred them to be straight but I see how they do look a little boring.

the floor is literally flat and so are the bricks

I’m not sure how I would change that. Would I bend the floor? Wouldn’t that look silly?

you can see that the floor and walls repeat, and you can see weird grid on it.

For the floor I used a PBR texture which was metal which the original scene also had metal, but I do see that!

the person is literally shining like plastic in some parts

Could you say which parts? I highlighted some parts to make it look more natural. That may be an issue so I’d like to come back on that.

no extra lighting, touch ups, or anything

I actually did add some, I didn’t want to go too intense since it’s more of a natural GFX but you’re definitely right!

Thank you so much for the feedback. I’d love to have a bit more clarification if that’s fine. The suggestions are very helpful. I’ll be sure to take them into account!

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Looks awesome !
The second one is amazing i love this kinda of GFX’s.


The first one looks amazing! You could maybe add poses to the characters and them holding guns. That would look cool. I love the lightning! The second one looks very nice too! Almost real life LOL! I also love the blur. You are so skilled you could get hired to make thumbnails! Maybe you should make the watermark in the middle so people wouldnt steal. Because it looks sick. Good work!

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bump map would be good.

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 3.59.39 PM
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 3.59.50 PM


Wow, looks great! Especially the 2nd one, the lighting. I would rate the 1st one 8.5/10 and the 2nd one 8/10.

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I like it! I don’t know why people are saying that the 1st GFX’s characters don’t have poses tbh. If you watch “Squid Games” on Netflix that’s exactly what they look like. They are posed and I think their stiff look makes it look better


i know they are supposed to be like that, but it just looks eerie. like atleast some liveliness

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Yeah, it may be accurate but it is kind of bland

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I love the first one!
My feedback on the second one would be that try removing the yellow glow around the character or the yellow hue around it, makes it seem like it’s edited on/fake. I do love the realistic grass and lighting though!

Nice work!