Feedback on my tycoon game (linear styled)

Hello, I am getting ready to release a new game and I would like some feedback on how the game plays and any bugs you may find.

There are some things that I still need to do, such as

  • Fix and finish the UI
  • Add a lot more buttons
  • Fix any unknown bugs
  • I am probably missing more things but I forgot, I’ll add them later

Game Link:

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The Tycoon is excellent, I really liked it, even the team selection looks great. But the gun looks a little weird, a little bigger than it should. But in general it is very good.


This game was amazing! There were nothing bad in in! Keep up the good work! :smiley:


I Like The Game! It’s Awesome, and even the intro entry too. I like how you did the stuff. :happy2::+1:

But yeah, Thank you for reading this. have a nice day! :happy3: