Feedback on my UI

This is my the Phone UI for my game “Empire”

Its a modern design

Made by @TheDCraft


Also wondering if the code UI is against TOS since it shows my social medias (but theres no link to it) just the name


You’ll want to run this for each client:
PolicyService:GetPolicyInfoForPlayerAsync (
You’re interested in the return “AllowedExternalLinkReferences.” Using the name or logo does count as a reference to third-party/social medias, so you’d need to check first that a client is allowed to see it.

What do you mean by this?

Is there programming I need to do to achieve this?

Also thank you for responding :smiley:

Yeah, you need to fetch the policy info for each player using PolicyService and see if Roblox says they can view external link references. If they can’t, you would need to hide the names and icons for social medias

Okay and if I use PolicyService will players that are under 13 not be able to view it?

Or are there other circumstances where using PolicyService makes it so the players wont be able to see the social medias.

If Roblox’s determination is that <13 players can’t see the links then it’ll say they can’t view it in the dictionary the call returns you, I’m not sure of how Roblox handles that, but it is probably in compliance to local law of the player. As far as I know, the only other circumstances where they’re not allowed to see link references is per-country, some places in the world don’t allow social media.

Okay thanks for clarifying everything!

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