Feedback on my UI

Hi Devs,
I would like to hear some feedback on my UI that I made. It’s pretty simple and it has 1 “problem”. I have two options on how to design the left side.
Option one:
Option two:

The only difference is that the UI doesn’t have a blue line between click and slide buttons…
As some of you may have noticed, the third aspect of the slide is blank. It should be a setting, and I have no idea yet what to put there.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!

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I really like this, I a not that sure about the “Enter Code” box due to the color I just don’t think it massively looks that appealing but this is my personally preference. In general it looks great.

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Thank you! Do you prefer the 1st or the 2nd option, if I may ask?

Oh sorry, I did not see the second image due to it not being visible utill you click on it.

I personally like the first one better (the one I have linked below):

Oops, fixed that issue real quick. I personally prefer this option too, just wasn’t too sure about it.
edit: image went back to the strange file again :confused:

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