Feedback on my UI

Hi, I am thinking of starting a UI business, does this look good, in your opinion?


Well the black text doesn’t really blend well with the background. Other than that I’d say it’s good or decent. I think it’d look better if the black text was a diff color that compliments the background.


This is really good but change the colour of Menu Shop Credits and Gamepasses. Like @daslick said.

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I think more UIs should be like this it looks amazing i love it keep up the good work man

the menu button is square i don’t know if that’s on purpose or not though otherwise it looks nice

Looks awesome! How long took you to make them?

I believe around 25 minutes or so.

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your background looks alot like fifa’s might wanna fix EA has it’s rights set straight, but overall very good

You have to put copyrighted material for them to shut it down.

Ik I’m just saying they look alot alike

It looks nice. My only additional somewhat suggestion is,

It’s hard to see the text, if you are allowed, make the font White so it’s easier to see. That, or add an outline with another colour to bolden the text. It’s just really difficult to see and it doesn’t pop at the audience’s eyes which is the purpose of a GUI/UI

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Looks good, but the font for “KICK OFF” and all others look like ones I have used off the internet a few years ago. You could change the font up a little bit and it could look better.