Feedback on my UI?

Hello! I’m trying to make my UI have a cartoony style. However I’m afraid it may be too simple or it just doesn’t have the look I want to achieve. What do you think?

Here is an example:

Update: Thank you for all the responses! You’ve helped me out a lot and I’ve taken as much as I could into consideration and updated my UI. It finally has the look I’m going for and I couldn’t have done it without your feedback! It’s not perfect, but I am happy with the results!



The design is very simple, the font in my opinion is not really fitting. But overall, you would want to work on the design a bit more as it is currently not appealing.


Thank you for the feedback! I’ll continue to work on it. Thank you.

If your wanting to achieve a more cartoony look you should view “cartoony UI” that you can use as reference images to get the design your wanting. I would however include items inside the UI so it doesn’t appear bland and basic you could even choose a different font the current one you have looks a little here and there.

If your wanting a more cartoony look you should feel the outline with rounded corners to match the approach your wanting.

I recommend aligning your text it seems a little off proportion from my point of view. If the UI is going to be left like this i would at least throw a few more UI options down the bar like for example: “Exit, Shop, Play, Settings” or if your wanting it separate from the main menu bar.

Overall, it’s bad i’m sure cartoony font have rounded corners with shadows behind the button.


It’s very cartoony and hard to read. I would advise going for a font that more simplistic and easier to read.

What would be cool is if you created a background image that molded to the text like an outline but thicker.

This really helped me out. Thanks for the feedback!

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Add more Design because the font looks wacky and the design should be wacky too, and as much as possible don’t add too much Images if possible because it hogs people with slow connection.