Feedback on my Underground Shuttle

Hello Developers,

As I was in Roblox studio, I was coloring the ship and I realized that, it just looks too simple, so I decided to go on here and ask for help to see what I could add or what colors I should add to the shuttle.

If you don’t know this game I’m working on, it’s a game of where the earth stops rotating and you have to go inside the earths crust with 1000 mega tons of nuclear bombs for it to start rotating again.

Here are some screenshots of the shuttle, credit to @planesdude for making it.
I would love some feedback or anything I should add!


The tiles seem a little bit uneven, so do the lights
Other than that, this is a great build

@planesdude is very skilled
7 :money_with_wings:


Thank you for the feedback! I will tell planesdude.


Check What are you working on.
I’ve seen a super detailed Sci-fi small shuttle. Couldn’t find it, sorry ;-;