Feedback on my unfinished ocean survival game

"What are you working on currently?"
a ocean survival game.
i want some feedback. any feedback is nice.

the game:

EDIT 1:i improved submarine
Screenshot 2021-12-25 201621

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There’s… nothing to see here? You have any screenshots or something?

EDIT: There ya go!

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The ship is “o.k” it would need more detail from my point of view. I like the menu UI but thats probably the only script in the game. I mean, its cool but that’s not a game. I explored the ship but it’s not like for example “Among Us” where you have tasks and stuff. Anyways, if you continue working on it and adding detail, probably has some potential!

yes i will add more cause it isnt done yet,also start menu isnt only script. u can come out of spawn and air , if you run out of air u will drown.

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Btw in your post

You need to remove the spacing at the end between the “ and the **.

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