Feedback on my Unique Obby Game

So I have a game where it’s like a difficulty chart but your controls are reversed.

I’m asking for feedback on how does the game feel and what can I improve on.

Thanks for your time :grinning:

Game Link

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I don’t recommend using Dialogs, I suggest to make your own “dialogs”, as the Roblox ones have rendering bugs (text not fully displayed).
Animations. Create animations. For UI, characters, everything!
Also, please check this StarterGui property:


Does it work on mobile? If not, you’ll have problems, as 30% of obby players are on mobile.

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Yeah it does work on mobile the thumbstick and camera for mobile is also inverted

Interesting. So, the way to beat the obby is to flip your keyboard upside down?

Also, maybe you could make a 2nd version that only allows arrow keys and no mouse.

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