Feedback On My Upcoming Game (THE GAME IS PRIVATE RIGHT NOW)

I’m currently working on my first game called “Jack’s Unlucky Day” which is an ending based game inspired by “ROBLOX NPCs are becoming smart!”, “Late To School” and “get a snack at 4 am”. The game is currently in its alpha stages and I’m looking for feedback. (The game is currently private)

Game Link:


Im stuck at the play screen. I cannot press the button

I found out why you cant press the button. I’m currently trying to fix it.

The game looks really good and classic, it would be nice to move around a bit faster with like a sprint system.

I do have some suggestions;

  • Skin System
  • Tutorial ( i was confused about how to play at first)
  • More props in the map (buildings, trees, roads, etc)
  • More way to die
  • Multiples Spawns Location (instead of spawning in the same place over everytime)

I feel like the trees could be spread out into the map instead of in a straight line and I also think the buildings could use some major improvements, like adding windows around it instead of there just being one.

Overall, I think the game is good, but could definitely get better using some of these suggestions.

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So i actually did like the game alot! the exploding person was really funny (probably my favorite ending haha) but i have some suggestions!

  • you should probably learn tweening. the gui is pretty rough and tweening would help alot

  • consider adding a retry button and/or make it kick you when you an ending

  • dialog. unless im missing something there is no dialog or anything, which makes it pretty confusing

  • and sound. it will upgrade your game 10000%

i know this is your first game and these might be hard to implement, but your overall game will benefit from it, i promise.
those are just some things that i would add into my game (im making a gasa4 ending styled game too!), but overall im really excited for new updates and i’d love to see where this goes. the game is doing great!

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