Feedback on My Upcoming Game!

Hey everyone, a few months back I made a post about my game Speed Up and what I can improve in it. I’ve recently released a new update and I feel like it’s a lot better than before. Let me know what you think of the game in the comments below.

Here are some in game images of what the game looks like:

For those who are new and haven’t played this game yet, Speed Up is an open-world car driving game I made. There are a lot of areas like a runway where you can do drag races, a circuit race to race with, and a BIG hot wheels-themed track! You can purchase over 25+ cars. There’s also a limited car right now that will be off sale in 4 days, get it while you still can! The game might be laggy on lower-end devices since there’s a lot of content in the game.


It’s an open-world driving game with a lot of cars to unlock and a big map.

Let me know what you think of the game and what can be improved in order to make the game more fun! It is very much appreciated if you leave a thumbs up for the game.



Well you weren’t joking when you said it was laggy for lower end devices, on mobile it’s almost impossible to play and crashed Roblox for me (iPhone 11).

The nearest feedback I have for you is this:

Instead of having the sign say “get cars here” I suggest changing it to “purchase cars” or make a button on the screen to buy cars from wherever you’re at. That way it’s easier so that players don’t have to travel all the way back to the dealership just to buy a car or paint it.

In the end it seems like a fun game. Nice job!

Game itself looks fine.

  1. First joining the game, my device is already feeling like the sun because of how laggy the game is. Optimization or trying less blocks on the game is NEEDED.

  2. The door fits me, but it is preferred to be bigger in order to prevent people from blocking the entrance.

  3. The text on the sign is way too small and the unnecessary tiles is covering up unwanted space. The fonts could use a bit of change too.

  4. The UI on the side is a bit too small. Would recommend making a phone like thing that pops up and gives the UI or making the current ones bigger.

  5. Settings should be in the middle and not awkwardly sitting on the side with all that space on the right.

  6. The text in here is way too large and needs to be more smaller. Recommended a font change.

  7. In compliance with the picture above (No. 6), the background of the money could be transparent or a bit lower opacity because it doesn’t match that well.

over all, this is a good game but way too early in development to say anything else. good luck and don’t give up!

Thanks for the feedback! I am working on optimizing the game so it is more playable on low-end devices.

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be making the game more fun to play in the future!

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