Feedback on my upcoming game

Hello! I’m working on a new clicking/simulator game. I would love feedback on my build! I plan to make trees using Blender and make more pathways.

Thank you all so much!


That’s pretty good, in addition with trees and paths, you could add maybe some interesting houses and maybe even easter eggs, so the map would be very interesting and fun.

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For what it is at the moment, it looks very good & well made! I can’t wait to see the end result!

In addition to adding tree’s and paths, a few different houses, a river or two, or anything of the like would add even more depth on-top of the tree’s and paths. Also, as mentioned by Verrificat, a few eastereggs would also make the place more interesting and fun to explore, especially if you added some type of reward for finding them (Game Badges, for example)!

Keep up the stunning work!