Feedback on my US Coast Guard Map

Hey i’d like some feedback for a map I made.

I wouldn’t say i’m amazing at building, but I do think I kind of build good/alright.
It also has a few free models such as the hills, trees and bushes but I think thats it.








The map looks quite basic overall. I will go into more detail below:

The buildings lack detail, they look extremely basic and rushed. The simply look like white boxes with a door and window, it’s quite hard to tell what it is at all, considering there’s no sign on it.

The port looks extremely weird, and honestly does not look like a port at all. Go check out some ship games, or even search up some pictures of real ports, and see how they look like.

The terrain looks very ugly. Why didn’t you use Roblox terrain? There is no point in using a free model for terrain.

Overall, the map looks extremely rushed and it just doesn’t seem like you spent a lot of time on it at all. It’s a great start, but there’s lots of room for improvement.


Now that I look at it it does looked rushed with copy-and-paste buildings with mesh parts slammed down. Thank you for the feedback, I probably should spend more time on the builds.

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From the start it’s here and there i don’t think it’s very attractive. The buildings kind of hold that simplistic design and is overly un detailed try creating 2 - 3 variety of objects the buildings need more variation put into them in order to accomplish that US approach. Everything is one material it won’t hurt to experiment with other materials or textures, even colors if necessary that.

The elevation looks odd - weirdly placed try placing more smooth surface around and probably add not much elevation around the area.

What you can or should do is remove some of the elevation - hills this is something you’ll see around mountains or where trees are if you want to keep this only add a small amount of it you don’t want to clutter the area with just one hill pasted throughout the map it could bring more life to the scene.

Best of luck a good suggestion would be using reference images to find a perfect layout create to the best of your own ability’s.

Disclaimer: I will be doing feedback on the outside / terrain of the map not buildings because I feel others have already done that
First of all, either all the terrain is unrendered or you aren’t using the Roblox Terrain feature. If you aren’t using the terrain feature I highly recommend it.

Using the terrain system you can paint, grow, smooth, erode, subtract, and do almost anything!

And if you aren’t using terrain I would suggest using the terrain for the water also. You can customize the wave size / speed / colour inside of Workspace < Terrain

thank you for the feedback! Now that I look at the buildings they are pretty dull. Maybe I could add signs or something like a gate. I actually thought of basing it off a reference image at first but then I thought I would go-with-the-flow or summin like that. I feel like my builds are better if I use a reference image.

Yeah I probably should of just used terrain. Way easier to customize. Thank you for the feedback, god bless!

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No problem anytime, happy to help. :slight_smile:

Add more details, and maybe expand it possibly? The terrain needs work too, but this is still good. Good work!

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