Feedback on my very basic map

I am awful at building, I’m much more of a scripting person, so don’t expect too much out of this.

I recently tried my hand at building a map for my game. This game I’m making involves flying enemies.
I think it looks bad, but I’d love some feedback from people who actually know what they’re doing.


Thanks in advance. I’m awful at building, but I’ll make an attempt to get better.
For now, enjoy my desperate excuse for a map. At least it’s relatively fun to play on.


Hey, for a first map it is not bad! I am going to assume based on the images you are going for a style like the big game combat warriors did with their most popular map. Some things that would make your map better would be to add lighting, as it would make it look less dark and bland. Also I feel like you might want to add something to take the place of some of the boxes. As it looks like there are a bit too many boxes. If you are going for a classic Roblox map then the textures are not bad but if you are going for any other type of style they need to change.

Hope this helps,

I agree with the person above on most parts, there are a lot of boxes.
Also, the decals on the pillar thingies are grainy, you should probably find some better ones.

it doesn’t looks too bad but the only thing i would change is making the tower things more detailed (sorry i forgot what they are called)