Feedback on my vibe/exploration game (Any help is apreciated )

Good day fellow robloxians,

I am currently working on a new game called Nyctophilia (not finished). The point of the game is simple,you either have the choice to hanghout and “vibe” or you can explore the game and find its many secrets. I am not sure if this game will apeal to many people but none the less I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips and tricks as to improve my game.

Any help/feedback is apreciated :black_heart:

Link to the game :

I checked it out and got to see you in-game! You already know my feedback. goodluck!

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Great lighting !

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Looking good overall ! I love these kind of games
I played it with max graphics to see how it runs, I had no problem except in the vast middle area with the trees. Just letting you know. Oh and also a bench in that same area that is floating
I would also recommend to colour those sitting bags or whatever they are called, since they are plain grey

In my opinion since this game is about darkness/night, you could add some kind of fog to create that feel, or you could tweak some other lightning/atmoshpere settings to make it darker or more relaxing (warm colours give that effect).

I would also add some volume to the cave overall, the walls are too straight/smooth to me.
Along with that you could also add some more different vegetation here and here in areas with grass etc/ rocks, water puddles here and here etc.
This would probably make the game way better looking ! But be carefull about optimization also.

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