Feedback on my vip server system

I have been working on vip server system for 5 hours and want to get feedback.
The Vip Server System.
Anything I can improve on that would make it better? I would love suggestions!

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There is no VIP system in-game?

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Ow forgot to mention press v to open it.
You can create vip server for free with your unique vip server name.

Lol it is good, I can work on the UI for you if you want

Things I suggest:

  • Make the VIP server code shorter so its easier to type
  • Make the open/close server button work more than once
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Ok so I like the system however I don’t really quite like the UI to be quite honest. It just does not look very good at all.

Also the open/close server thing will let you click it once but then it will not let you click it again/open/close it again.

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Open server button works but cd is 20 seconds because it uses messaging service. That’s made on purpose to prevent spamming.

Well I suggest to add a text label with the cooldown so people know it is not broken

Okey I will make the cooldown to 10/5 seconds and add the text label with cd. Ty for feedback.
I guess my ui skills need to be improved.