Feedback on My Window

Hello, I am Aidan Plays!!. I am working on a Story game called “Explora (Story)” I just made these window models for it. I was wondering if i could get some feedback on if this would be good to put on a few buildings. There are two of them, one for lights off, and one for Lights on. Here are images of them.

Note: The game will have fog whenever it comes out. Also, the i don’t use free models for anything except skyboxs. That is why it is open. I made everything else in the game from scratch.


The Windows look good. Though cartoony windows aren’t supposed to be too detailed so there really isn’t a lot of areas to mess upon. The material is a little off though. From the picture, it looks like the frame is made out of slate. I would change that up. But maybe it fits with your theme. As I’m not sure what kind of theme you’re going for.


I am going for an eerie first-person theme. It will go on a Cafe building that players will see a lot. Thank you for telling me. I am not super worried about the asset, i just wanted to make sure it looked okay for the final presentation of the game.

It looks pretty good in my opinion.

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Thanks! (30 characters lol XD)

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Looks pretty good, imo the window colour and material aren’t correct.

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Okay, Any idea on what i should do for materials/color instead? The game is horror so i still want the eerie aspect.

Maybe try keeping the current colour and change the material to glass.

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Okay, here is the result of that:

Look okay to use? I sort of like the original better.

Change transparency to 0.1, looks more like a glass

this is 30 characters

There wont be anything inside, It is just a prop to make the building look better, and if there was i would use a teleport system.

Then use the first window you showed

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Okay, cause it will look something like this. (Incomplete version)

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I already clicked the like button and now this is 30 chars

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Alright, thanks for all your feedback. I will do a post every time i need an opinion on something for the story game.

Windows looks good, but the neon is way too bright.

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The game’s fog will make up for all that light.

I think you should remove the neon material and replace it with glass or smooth plastic. Also try using orange instead of purple and see how that looks. Also try making the windows a little bit smaller.

Overall it is a good attempt.

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Everything is a bit oversized because it is for a game where you play as a kid. Instead of changing the avatars size, i just made the map bigger.

Just change the size of the windows not the building itself

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