Feedback on my Zombie Mutant (Titan)

Hello, I am currently making a game about a zombie pandemic that has wiped out almost all of civilization.

Theres a place covering the main spawn area called the “danger zone” where there are a bunch of dangerous creatures. One of them is the Zombie Titan which when it finds you, it doesn’t stop chasing you, even when you run.

This thing is faster than an average robloxian, just 1 times faster.

This mutant will not stop chasing you until you outrun it. This thing also has glowing yellow eyes, to keep it’s thermal vision. You can kill this mutant by using an axe, but it takes a while and it is very hard to defeat it by yourself.

I really need feedback on this, please tell me if this is good or not or if I need to improve or fix things.


I cant really rate something that mostly consist of free model items. I cant really tell what you added into the “titan” all i can see is the lava texture which contrast heavily with the texture of the rest of the body. I would give this a rating but this looks like your first game and the rating would just be too low and “harsh” but i guess we all improve some day.

Cool, but like @Unoriginal_Dev said, it looks like it is made out of many free models. A note to everyone, free models are most of the time bad. I literally saw a model called “Wall” with millions of likes. I guess that’s how noobs think you’re supposed to add parts. Please, use the toolbox as little as possible. Also @XxScottieBoixX can you please send us a video of you in action fighting it? :slightly_smiling_face:

So it is the same?
s= speed of a normal player
s x 1 = s

it does look really basic to be honest.

Robloxian speed: 16
16 + 1 = 17.
He meant that?

yes, by the 1 time faster is 17.5 speed.

Sorry for the crappy iPad view, I was in studio on my computer)

Im currently working on the place where then titan goes IN. I used arm models and some decals from the toolbox. Im adding pretty creepy music when the thing chases you. The fact that it is faster than you, even when you run (I changed it) it can still do some damage. When it hits you, it takes 30 health away. Its pretty hard to beat this and you can do so with a sword only. The thing has about at least 195 health.