Feedback on new addition to game?

I am currently working on a Doom “Inspired” game on Roblox. The game is about fast-paced FPS demon killing with various tools and weapons to your disposal.

I recently added the flame belch, or flamethrower, from Doom Eternal to my game and I did a bit of polishing on it. I also created some new UI for the game to give it a more futuristic feel, though the UI is very barebones right now and only has the essentials like ammo and health.

Test the game here (NO MOBILE SUPPORT YET) - [ Content Deleted ] - Roblox

Video if you can’t play - Arena Slayer | Flame belch and new UI - YouTube

I have decided to name my game “Arena Slayer” for the time being and may change it later. If you have any feedback, please tell me!

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