Feedback on new command system

so I’ve been making this game where you type commands and stuff, it was a simple chat command system first, where you type letters and they’d do stuff, but then it turned into function like syntax, where you are only able to call functions.

and then I decided to turn it into a language which currently supports:

  • built - in standard library functions.
  • if statements
  • while loops
  • variable declarations
  • repeat loops

and I am planning to make it support classes, functions, the for loop , events and enumerators.
so this new system allows for making actual algorithms that your npc will perform.
the std functions allow for communicating with the npc, because the humanoid of the npc is implicitly passed as the first argument.

so here is a video of the new system:

So what do you think, any criticism?
Any suggestions on what to add?

Thanks in advance!