Feedback on new game


I’ve just finished enough of this to show here and would be great to get any feedback on how it’s looking or any changes / additions / etc. to help make it better.

Stack! - Roblox

The gameplay is pretty simple, blocks slide into place and you have to click accurately when they are over the previous block. Keep doing that to build up the tallest possible tower.

Some screenshots here

The main playing area

a GUI screen

Building a tower

The shop area

The shop GUI

At the end of each game you are rewarded with coins, can spend these in the shop on cosmetic upgrades.

I’ve not done much with the sound yet, I know I need to add in some more sound effects. I’ll probably add in a radio pass at some point to let people choose and play music.

Thanks for looking, and any feedback is welcome


It’s an interesting concept.
The shop seems a bit square, maybe trying making it a more interesting shape? The mountains seem empty, maybe add some trees and bushes on them to make it seem more ‘alive’.

Over all looks like a good game, 7/10

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Thanks for feedback, yes I’ll add in a few more bushes and trees, sounds a good idea. Didn’t get them in the screenshots but are a few birds flying around in the sky too to give a bit of life to it.

That was very good!
I loved the effort put into it. Good job!

Thanks a lot, really nice to hear!

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This game looks great and I love the low poly look. My only feedback would be the shop position. From my perspective on the screen shot it looks like the shop is hollow and the shop looks pretty straight forward. Which in some players opinions might look not as good. But good job and have a great day.


I’m going to try to work on the build of the shop to make it a better shape and look a bit more interesting. Will put an updated screenshot here when I’ve changed it.

Based on feedback here I’ve updated the shop building

It’s still deliberately in a simple/low-poly style, but hopefully a bit better than the box that it was.

Have also added custom effects to the shop to buy with coins, to give different visuals when you place a block perfectly. Will add more as I come up with more cool particle effects


That looks like a very nice feature!

Now this, this is nice. Maybe some more gamemodes could help spice things up a little, no? :wink:

Thanks! Yes I’ve some ideas for other modes, will definitely be adding more in sometime soon.

I’ve updated the inventory GUI

I wish it was possible to show particle effects in a ViewportFrame, i had to mess about with showing a mix of GUI elements and moving the camera to show objects in the game window to get effects to show up as i wanted

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This makes me very excited to see this game get updated. Can’t wait to see what else could be added and/or changed! Good job. :slight_smile:

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Nice Job!

(i got 54, anyone want to try and beat that? :slight_smile:)

I love the color gradients as you get higher, and the leaderboards are awesome. Overall fun game. I would definitely try to add more mechanics, maybe other worlds, you know, stuff to keep people interested and coming back for more. You also should scale down the baseplate, because when you zoom out you can see it stretching out past the boundaries of the map.

Great polished game. Good luck with future updates!

Edit: The birds are awesome :bird:

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I tried out your Stack! game and it was quite fun, played a few times got over height 65.

The UI is decent, some parts of the UI could get improvements to make it look more cleaner and nicer.

Overall, your game seems great and functional.

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Thanks for playing, and for the feedback!
Some nice high scores there too…

I’ve just added in a ranking mode, you can challenge other players to a match

You will both build a tower, the highest wins. Ratings are calculated with the ELO system.
I’ll plan on adding in rating based rewards at some point.

I’ve moved the leaderboards around so that the top rated players can be shown.
The main leaderboard is now animated to switch between the different views, and has a weekly top scores too.

I’ve also been creating new bases for the shop, and a premium one that’s given free to anyone who logs in with a premium subscription.

Finally for now, I made a new game icon cos the old one was a bit grey.

Any feedback on anything that could be better is always useful, thanks again for looking.

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I love the low-poly style, it’s very good.

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I’ve been busy adding more to this, now have a working pet system, players can use their coins to hatch pets.

I’ve added a new pet store building for this

You can hatch the egg for a pet, which will then follow you about

Credit to Cyberify1 for making the pet models available, I did not make these

I’m half way through a trade system so that you can swap off duplicate pets, and will probably add in some sort of ‘upgrade’ options later

I’m also working on base customisation, so that you can design and build your own base.
This is still WIP, and is not released to the live game yet, but initial version of it here

Thanks again for looking, and any feedback on what’s good/bad/could be made better is always useful

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