Feedback on new game

Hi there,

Me and my team just released our new game, and we’d like some feedback!


Thank you!


This game is very well made. The UIs are nice, and the overall building is good. The only thing I have to say, is there was a black UI that wouldn’t leave the bottom of the screen.

Great job though, I think this could become big if you add some more elements to it.


Which black UI do you mean? I’ve never seen that before…?

agreed more content wouldn’t hurt

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Interesting creation indeed.
Haven’t been in it for a very long time, but I’ve noticed some things when I joined. There’s always room for improvement.

Perhaps the store GUI icons could be made smoother. It’s a minor thing, but it would definitely be nicer. They have a weird white outline.

There’s also the “storm”, it apparently damages and kills people when they’re in the spawn area. Perhaps don’t make it cross that area and make the spawn a safezone.

When the game starts, there’s the issue of everybody spawning in the same place or very close to each other. Perhaps make the maps a little bigger or create more spawn areas.

Maybe some more visual changes, but that’s really about it. The game is fine, and I’m level 2 on it so that’s great.

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What sort of content do you mean?

I will join again and see if it appears.

perhaps achievements or limited items players could get for completing tasks in the game

Alright, if it does please send a screenshot.

I was thinking of adding that later. Keep in mind this is a beta so more content will be added, thanks for the feedback.

oh yes understood! also I wanted to congratulate you on the uis and builds they are very unique and unlike other games it almost reminds me of super bomb survival game

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I can spectate people in the lobby. Not sure if that’s a glitch in my end but it’s definitely recommended to get checked.

This game has well-polished mechanics, a consistent simplistic style and an inviting lobby room, so good work overall. There were no glitches or major problems I found, though that may be because I only had a brief chance to playtest a battle.

My only suggestion is to shorten the camera panning before a round starts. While it does look very smooth, it could get repetitive once a player has seen it enough times.

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I think your anti-cheat system has legit killed me 10 times, making it unable to play. Yes I was lagging a bit, but it make the game unplayable :confused:

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Apologies, I’ll try making it a bit less sensitive haha


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