Feedback on new game

I worked very hard on this!
Feedback is welcome.
I am a beginner programer.

So i assume this is meant for mobile users, it would be nice if there was a way people could copy their ID. I don’t know anything about scripting, so I can’t really help you with that. The first result on Youtube is this, Find Coordinate Gui Tutorial | Copy To Clipboard Button Tutorial - YouTube . Maybe give it a watch.

It is an very simple game, so feedback isn’t really possible. The only thing i can say is that the game is not really needed, because u can also go to your own profile and copy it. (on phone u just go to the website). But for people who didn’t knew that u could find ur own profile ID on phone it can be a little bit usefull.

@TJMagical @NotSpideeyDev thx for feedback

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