Feedback on new GFX

So i’ve been practicing for a while now and used Photoshop and Cinema to make this any suggestions on how I can improve I’m really trying to improve in gfx overall in renders and others here is My example :

and this is what I want it to look like kinda : (made by i5k on twitter)
Please let me know on ways I can improve
Thank you!


Awesome! Love the overlays and lighting.


Hello! Your GFX looks great and it definitely looks okay so far! However, I think there’s some more stuff you can do to make it even better! First off, the duffel bag. It’s not exactly connected (if you get what I mean?) it’s also in the wall. Next up shadows. Where’s the light coming from? Here’s a suggestion: In the bank door, there could be a neon light (from all the gold) and then it could cast a shadow infront of the characters! However, that’s just my suggestion and it looks great otherwise! Finally, we have the faces. You could try making them neon somehow -I actually don’t know where you could, but try looking somewhere!. Like I’ve stated, this GFX is very well made and I wish you luck on your journey! :smile:


Dang! That’s very impressive. It is a good remake! There are some things I see that can be fixed, for example the vault door could use a little gloss to make it pop, a few light shines on the characters here and there and an obvious light source. But other than that it is very, very impressive. Good work Bytiiz!

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This is a really good GFX, really nice job!

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