Feedback on obby

Hey everyone!

Please give feedback for this game:

What can I improve to get a better like/dislike ratio?

I would be happy when you like :+1: the game! :heart:




The game has become quite popular and I wonder if you’ve played it before. That’s why I also created this poll:

  • I have already played the game before
  • I haven’t played the game before

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I can’t play the game right now because Roblox is down, From the thumbnail I’d say add a background/lighting and GUI to help the player and tell them information

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For example, the GUI is not enabled because it is a thumbnail.

I would appreciate it if you play it after Roblox is down.

Its a very well game obby! One of the best I’ve seen, I think the reason of the bad ratio is because the checkpoint only works up to 10. Also its an obby so people rage quit etc. Don’t take it to heart

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The checkpoints only work up to stage 10? What do you mean?

I tryed the game and it was very good I had fun playing it!

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Oh no worries, I played again and the system works fine I must’ve missed it. Nice datastore system!

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bro why’s there no studs : (

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Where? Do you want it to have that texture? Please be explicit.

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well, everywhere? If you don’t like studs, simply add an setting button that allows you to switch stud mode.

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This texture?

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yeah I guess

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i’m a massive obby enjoyer, but this obby was not good, beat it, but it was not fun at all


Hey bro would u like to tell me some of the stages u enjoy the most in obbies. I am creating an obby and that would really help.

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Game Analysis

The background is bland, its just the basic Roblox New Baseplate 2021 background. Why did the god difficulty get replaced by qwerty? It clearly states in the description that the last one is cald God.
Why is the very easy icon showing that you got to a new difficulty giant and just a transparent brick? Why didn’t you just make a animation on screen GUI for it?

Just why would you add this?
Screenshot 2022-02-22 105213
This part is just, why, why is it here? what’s the point for me walking more?

Big Part of the issue

The buyable items are complete crap, I don’t even feel like playing the whole game due to the fact that people will just buy gravity coils.

And the Rocket launcher gamepass just sounds utterly unfair and frustrating.

Most of the transactions seem like cash grabs like you included for some reason a freaking GUN and a sword for VIP’s, like what?

And how are we supporting development by giving you Robux? it sounds dumb considering that the deals and halos will probably just be even more monetization. I mean, the heck are you going to spend the money on? Why should we pay for updates in a difficulty chart game that we will soon never play again?

Rebirthing is also redundant which makes the game bad.

Some objects spacing is not the same for every next object following after it. Lvl 46 is one of the only levels in the game that primarily match with its difficulty.

Screenshot 2022-02-22 110910
Once again, block alignment.

Level 51 is probably the dumbest level, it’s just no collision blocks and 1 collision block spammed.
Thats not even hard and just lazy, Leve 52 is also a mess.

The level before 65 is harder than 65 which is ridiculous.

Why did you add a jumpad at the end of the game and why is their a dumb delay?

Level 72 is by far the worst level in the game, the delays make it unfunctional and Its lazily made as you just spammed jump pads around the place.

I also saw this guy just skipping through most of the obby, and I saw him get pass where I got even though he did utterly nothing to make it that far. That is the thing I mostly hate about this game, that there are gamepasses/dev products that give players advantages over f2p players or hard-working players. Thats the most unenjoyable factor of this game.

My only real enjoyable level was level 66 as its fast paced and fits the difficulty perfectly. It is original and is actually fun.

——《 Final Analysis 》——

Overall game Rating: 2.5

Level Design: 1

Monetization: 0/5 Reason: Unreasonable items and EXTREMELY unfair advantages.

Creativity: 4.5/12

I didn’t really enjoy the game, I saw unreasonable gamepasses, skips, 98% of the game is bad levels and designs, and much more. The only real thing I can really say was great about this game was the UI. I feel like people aren’t disliking because of rage quitting but, because of janked up levels and unenjoyable gameplay. I hope you use this information to improve your game and shape it into a better version of how it is right now. I really tried to find something good out of this game but thats extremely hard because of my experience of the game.


You have to know the exact reason of why they are rage quitting though, like I rage quitted due to a bad experience and watching some dude skip through half of the game and win while I worked hard to get near the end.

If their rage quitting and disliking a game because they cant do a level, yea its annoying but you have to ask, did they do it because the obby was janked? were their game glitches that caused leaving?

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Thank you for your very detailed feedback. I will address every single issue in the following updates.

Is the level design in this game better Mega Easy Difficulty Chart Obby - Roblox?

Congrats on the game’s popularity!

My advise would be try to add some unique details to the game, scenery, different mechanisms? And if users find it too hard, could add in an easier obby, or a practice stage?


How did you get your game that popular?

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