Feedback on obby/speed-running game

Hi! :grinning:
I am currently working on this speedrun game and I’m looking for feedback on it’s current state.

Any sort of feedback is appreciated!

(there might also be bugs lol)


Well I mean it’s just the game Speed Run.

I mean, the game looks pretty good and it’s very well made, but the problem is that there is already one or more games like this one. I like the map and the spawnmap. If you still work on this maybe add some background music. Good luck man!

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Thanks for the feedback but… there is music lol

What do you mean by that?
I feel like my game is pretty unique with cool movement mechanics… :confused:

Maybe I was too focused with the looking of the game more than the sound, my bad heh.

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I’m not trying to say it’s bad because I can see a lot of work was put into it, but it just seems unoriginal.