Feedback On Office Table

So, I made an Office Table and I want your feedback.

Office Type


the desk looks very large compared to the office chair, the paper stacks should remain big (also just put 2 big stacks instead of multiple) and try toning down the neon a bit.

I like the build though, good job

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Only two Paper stacks? (Charrr 30

yeah, 2 large paper stacks instead of multiple small ones :+1:

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Okay :slight_smile: (30 ChARRRR


no worries hope all goes well, cheers

Is it good?

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the desks a bit too large for the chair, try making it a group and decrease it’s overall size.


Looks quite nice! Have you consider experimenting into using textures instead of making it all white? Something like that could work however find one that matches with the table as the start looks very plain looking.

First, the left and right corner of the desk is very empty, looking at a few reference images there’s either a lamp or books or objects on the desk, I would recommend adding something like that to your build or something similar to a real life office desk. I wouldn’t recommend adding a bunch of papers try placing a few other objects mentioned above as the room would just have too many papers all over the table on it.

Overall, looks great so far.

Alright bro. That is fire ngl. 10/10 for me!


Thank you Mate :smiley: (30 CHARRRRRRRRRRRR)

Thank you Mate, I really appreciate it!

How does it looks?

I think it’s coming together I like it. Looking at the old model, I can see you really took peoples advice and feedback to improve it more further. The updated one looks good, there really isn’t much I can say. Maybe a potted plant on the desk could work.

However, I think the new decor looks good, but I Would recommend not making everything one color as it tends to blend in with a few of the objects regarding the lamp I feel like a black one would look more appealing the white color on it doesn’t look that good, however that is just my opinion, it might look good from your point of view on the left side maybe adding wires connected to the computers would be a nice addition to add. Don’t be afraid to place a few more decor on the desk.

Thanks a bunch , Mate :smiley:

So far this is the result :smiley:
Thanks a lot you guys for your feedback!

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The table’s pretty nice and I like the small details like the coffee mug and the keyboard having multiple keys; but the office chair is small and the monitor stands are way too tall.

Oh, That’s because it looks like in the picture but you see when will you play the game it will actually be the opposite lol