Feedback on one of my newest games! (Fight People Simulator)

I am currently creating a game called “Fight People Simulator”.
I used to have it on my profile but I archived it (due to the extreme amount of bugs) and now I’m working on a revamp!
Link to the game : Fight People Simulator [BETA] - Roblox

I would like to hear all your feedback (including negative feedback)

(As of now there is only an icon, I will add thumbnails later.)



I just tried out your game and overall is quite good! The only thing i would say is that the game is quite confusing for new players so I think you should add a small tutorial on how to play it, and maybe improve the map a bit, but overall, the game is ok!

Thank you for the response! I will be adding a new map and a tutorial but just for now since its in beta, it will stay like this.