Feedback on our (her) building

Hello! recently we make a building. Can you give us feedback? We will really appreciate it. It’s not done yet.

princessxlisa4- Building

StrongEnderman2- Scripting

We updated it! how is it?


wow really nice i love the design ur friend made on the building :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback superpowerhybirdgirl! :+1:

It looks for real good for a F3X user and a TIP: she want to build not so big.

Thanks for the tip, I guess? lol

What if they’re going for a big build tho?

it is made too high and too high for a length of an NPC

That is amazing! Very, very clean. That’s better than I can do. (Well, more effort than I’m willing to put in. I’m not fond of making exterior.)

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Thank you for the feedback EmeraldFlowerzRBLX. I have played your game, it’s really good. Keep on the good work :wink:

Ignore my English. It sucks

Looks great! Is it a government/federal building? It also looks like a law enforcement agency center.

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What game? I have like… 20 games. But, thanks anyway!

I don’t remember but I’m pretty sure I have played your “experience”

This is a really nice exterior design, although the open windows in the updated image look quite odd. You should just keep it closed.

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Thank you for the feedback! We will try to make the building better :+1:

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