Feedback on our new map!

Today we started working on a game with @Whiteiicat, and I would like feedback on our map. This map is inspired by FNF and will be a rock, paper, scissors game!

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It seems quite simple and allows people to fall off, try adding some stylised borders around the edges, but not just plain walls.

Maybe add a tree to the center of the spawns and place bushes around to make it more lively?


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be adding trees and also how exactly am I going to do walls? I was planning of an invisible wall.

Maybe make hills? Something to stop it looking from just being like a plate. Something decorative.


I see, thanks for the feedback again! I’ll be sending an image of the revamped map soon!

that is literally a part a cylinder some spawns and weird black things, what even is it meant to be

It’s supposed to be a rock, paper, scissor game map inspired by FNF games. By the way here is an update:

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Perhaps you could add some more decor and other things such as terrain and some buildings to make it more lively.
I hope this helped! Good Luck with your Game!

Thanks! We were planning on adding trees as someone said so. Also yeah buildings is a really nice idea! Thanks!

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Add Like City/Buildings Or Some Decorations Like Wooden Box, Etc.
Also If This Game Done, Tell me. :smiley:

We’re working on scripting it currently! And yes we’re looking ahead to add buildings!

I suppose I see what type of style you’re going for, but it overall, this looks extremely bland.
I would suggest adding trees, mountains, etc for the environmental design. Just in general, make it look more eye-catching and/or lively.

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Yeah, we’re going for it! As we’re new developers we are trying to make a simple game for now. But I think trees can definitely change up the map. Thanks for the feedback!

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