Feedback on our Song Project for an upcoming game

Hello Guys! I’ve been doing recently some music for an upcoming game. My friend made some vocals for the beat. I appreciate all kind of feedback because it’s one of my newest projects. Also started music 2 months ago. Also please check out my friends Spotify account. Hes an upcoming artist and yeah. Appreciate y’all. Have a nice day! :wink:


Oh dear, there’s a lot of things to look at.

  • Instruments are repeating the same pattern all over again and again, you might need to improve the variation it up a little; it lacks variation.
  • Vocals are sometimes not timing right, and sometimes doesn’t quite make it in the mix right, specifically that the rhythm is mismatching with the drums or the pitch isn’t quite there.
  • The mix is generally fine, it’s balanced enough. However, it sounded like it is a tad bit weaker.
  • Arrangement needs some work to keep it interesting. There is no emphasis of anticipating them.